National Public School, G.T. Road, Naushehra Pannuan is a rising star in the galaxy of Public School under the Management of Kawaljit Kaur Memorial Education Society (Reg.). The school was the establishment in 2005 to create a healthy educational environment in the rural area. The school is a co-educational institute and is affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi wide their No. 1630614 and strictly follows the C.B.S.E. norms and curriculum.

National Public School responds to the needs of students through educational, physical, mental, spiritual development and social upliftment without distinction of caste, creed, gender, or religion in the interest of the society.

National Public School offers a friendly, caring, sensitive and co-operative environment, in which all students are encouraged to learn and strive for their personal best in the areas of life.

We work towards integrating the home and the school environment in such a way that a child feels that school is a home away from home. The teaching process includes creativity, exploration, and personal touch of the teachers, in order to bring out the real potential of each child.

As an institution, National Public School believes in the building leadership skills of our students by developing their individuality and discovering their real potential. Children are geared to be creative, lifelong learners and adapt to meet the challenges of life.

As such National Public School considers it vital to in still in them a strong set of core values by which they will shape their lives and the world around them. Strong moral and ethical values provided to them for the future benefits of society and country.

Strength of the School:

  • Collaborative work culture amongst faculty.
  • Well-equipped labs.
  • Good ambience and peaceful environment.
  • Good transport connectivity.
  • Cordial relationship with the stakeholders.
  • Good understanding and co-operation amongst staff.
  • Availability of potable tap water.
  • Good interpersonal relation.
  • Good parent–teacher report.
  • Classroom connect with Hutcheson school of Glasgow-Scotland.

Weakness of the School:

  • Change of mindset.
  • More encouragement to staff to be innovative
  • Better utilization of Labs.
  • Continuous & comprehensive professional learning is occasionally practiced.
  • Motivation is required to practice new innovative pedagogies.


  • Time Management.
  • Completion of syllabus.
  • Adjustments in switching over from online to offline and vice versa.
  • Adjustment in switch over from existing assessment pattern to the new pattern due to the pandemic.
  • Weak foundation of the students due to online classes in the previous academic year, is a big threat and challenge.